private life

While Leszek Czarnecki had to deal with the crisis as far as his businesses were concerned, his private life is a whole different matter. In 2008 all glossy magazines and internet portals informed about his marriage to Jolanta Pieńkowska, one of the most popular Polish TV journalists. Czarnecki does not talk to the media about his private life, nor does he show off his family in public. The paparazzi really do have a hard time to snap them together. But as friends of the couple say, Czarnecki and Pieńkowska are happiest when abroad, in France or the US, where they are said to have a second home and are able to feel at ease. But skipping the limelight is not limited to private life in Czarnecki's case – he is also purposefully shy about his charity and educational endeavours. It was only recently revealed that the charity foundation he set up in 2007 – LC Heart, now under the name of “Jolanta and Leszek Czarnecki’s Foundation” – is one of the biggest charity organisations in the country. With several dozen million zlotys of Czarnecki's money as the funding grant, the interest from the sum allows the Foundation to carry out its statutory work. It runs a scholarship programme for underprivileged children and helps youngsters with disabilities and other health problems – one of its programmes being full financing for artificial limbs and other prosthetics, until adulthood (more at
In early 2009 Leszek Czarnecki also announced a new programme for young people called “Przedsiębiorczość” - entrepreneurship. It is a series of lectures delivered by Czarnecki at the largest economic Universities around the country. Who wouldn't want to know the secret of such success in business?! But the programme is more than that – apart from the lectures it also allows students under 30 to take part in a competition for the best business idea. And the stakes are high, for the winner will be financed and mentored by Leszek Czarnecki. Will it also mean another golden opportunity for the man himself? Quite possibly.