high, higher, highest

A rumour spread, sometime ago, that Czarnecki was planning to venture into space. The information was published by the Russians. Apparently the flight's schedule clashed with business plans. But then, had he succeeded, he would have been the second Pole, after Mirosław Hermaszewski, to go into space. The plan did not work out in the end, though obviously not for financial reasons, despite the price tag of around 20 million zlotys.
In 2002 as he was planning his expansion into the financial market, Czarnecki was also thinking of becoming a real estate developer. So he set up the company Arkady Wrocławskie SA, which built the largest shopping mall in Wrocław. The Arkady Wroclawskie centre opened in April 2007 and apart from the many shops houses a multiplex cinema, a gigantic, two-storey high aquarium (always something to dive into) and Salvador Dali's “Profile of Time” sculpture, which cost over 2 million US dollars. Arkady Wroclawskie SA are part of the new real estate business, the LC Corp SA, formally formed in March 2006. But even before that, at the end of 2005 Czarnecki bought the 31-storey Poltegor Centre in Wroclaw's city centre, to build... Poland's highest luxury residential building. So now where the old building once stood, the Sky Tower is being built – the highest and most luxurious residential high-rise in Poland. Apart from several hundred luxury apartments it will house an exclusive shopping centre and dedicated office space. A square metre in the building was estimated by the press to cost between 15 and 40 thousand zlotys and the luxurious penthouse, with a glass roof and its own pool is an investment worth around 28 million US dollars. The whole complex, already called the Wroclaw’s Manhattan, is estimated to cost around 1,5 billion zlotys. The building will be ready in 2012 and gossip magazines were already writing about purchases by Britney Spears and members of The Rolling Stones.