“Simply business” written by Leszek Czarnecki is a book based on his experience and lessons learned. This book is dedicated to those willing to start their own business and those already having a firm. In the introduction Leszek Czarnecki wrote that he would like to present entrepreneurs as normal people, making mistakes, with fears and living in a constant stress. This is why Czarnecki writes about risks, both professional and personal.

In the first part Leszek Czarnecki guides newly born entrepreneurs. Step by step he leads them into a proper way of thinking and tells them what they need to do when starting a business venture.

Second part is addressed to those already running their firms. Czarnecki presents the most common problems, ways of financing, mergers and acquisitions, and other aspects of business based on his experience.

Third part is all about managing the success. Leszek Czarnecki reminds his readers about the well-known saying – it’s easier to make money than to keep it. This is why he shares his story of success, as well as 20 other the biggest Polish entrepreneurs.

In “Risk in banking. A post-crisis perspective” Leszek Czarnecki tries to analyze a financial crisis of 2007-2008, and looks at managing a risk in banking operations from a different perspective.

The first chapter is a résumé of changes in perceiving the risk in banking activities. In the second chapter Leszek Czarnecki analyzes some of the latest financial crisis’ causes. The third chapter is an introduction to entropy as a way of describing financial stability of a bank. Two following chapters consist areas of banking activities which have the biggest influence on the level of entropy. In the seventh chapter Czarnecki shows practical ways of using the entropy model. The last chapter is a case study of creation and development of Getin Holding, the fastest growing financial business in Poland.