extreme passions

In the case of Leszek Czarnecki one cannot underestimate the meaning of passion in his life – and not just for doing business. He is just as serious about the things he does for pleasure, especially extreme sports, and diving in particular. And he pursues his greatest passion in the most inaccessible and difficult regions – such as the Bikini Atoll, where in 2007 with a group of friends he took part in one of the first expeditions to dive the sea-buried wrecks. Czarnecki is also the holder of two records (a Polish and a World one) in a cave diving. When did he break those? Shortly after he set up Getin Holding. In 2003 in the Boesmansgat in South Africa he descended to 194 meters, a depth never before achieved by a Pole. His decompression lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes at 16 degrees centigrade water temperature. He was assisted by a friend and master in his own right, the most titled diver in the world Nuno Gomes, the holder of open sea deep diving record of 283 meters. Then in Mexico Czarnecki took another record head on – he covered the distance of over 15 kilometers of underwater caves – Dos Ojos. This was the world’s longest cave dive.
It’s worth mentioning that diving was Czarnecki's foremost passion, that earned him his first big money. In 1986, while still studying at Wrocław's Technical University, he set up the company Przedsiębiorstwo Hydrotechniki i Inżynierii TAN S.A. dealing with commercial diving. Two years later he was already the company's major shareholder. He employed friends who shared his passion for diving. But still, even being the company's CEO he was doing underwater work also by himself. He sold the company, despite it being highly profitable, and invested in leasing business. In the meantime he graduated from Wrocław's Technical University Faculty of Environmental Engineering in 1987 and in 1993 gained a PhD in Economy from the Faculty of Management and Information Technology of the Wrocław University of Economics.